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The Best Coastal Clothing Accessories for Men and Women

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The Best Coastal Clothing Accessories for Men and Women


The Best Coastal Clothing Accessories for Men and Women


Our Just Mystic shop wants to help you look your best. Based in the historic town of Mystic, Connecticut, our clothing and accessories reflect our coastal town's seaside culture. Here is our list of must-have clothing and accessories that men and women will need when they visit the coast:

Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Beachgoers may usually think of warmth and sunshine when heading to the beach, but coastal weather can be unpredictable. A sea breeze can make the air feel cooler if you are out at sea. We recommend bringing a light jacket or sweatshirt to the coast, especially if you plan to stay after sunset. 

Some beach culture strongly emphasizes dressing up and looking your best, even at the beach. A sweatshirt or light jacket can add a layer of style to your outfit, especially if you opt for a coastal-inspired design or a preppy look. Our Mystic shop has a large variety of crewneck-style sweatshirts to choose from.


Hats are a popular accessory for coastal living. A cap or bucket hat can help prevent sunburn. A hat can also save you from a bad hair day caused by strong coastal winds or seawater. We sell caps in a variety of styles, including snapback, baseball, and trucker. 

If you plan on boating or sailing, we recommend a rope hat, a fisherman's, or a sailor's hat. The rope hat is named for the rope wrapped around the brim's base. It gives the hat a nautical look popular among sailors, fishermen, and beachgoers alike.

An oft-forgotten coastal accessory is a beanie. A knit beanie can help keep your head and ears warm if the temperature on the coast drops. They can also help keep wind, sand, and debris out of your hair. 

Beach Bag

A good bag is a practical accessory for any coastal visitor. A large beach bag can carry all your essentials, including towels, sunscreen, snacks, and souvenirs. Our Mystic Classic Tote Bag is durable enough to withstand saltwater and sand, whether you're on land or out boating. 

They are made of heavyweight canvas for durability. We design our bags to stand upright with a flat bottom, so finding your items is effortless. For added convenience, we added a removable internal accessories pocket with a key fob. 

Other Accessories

We have other accessories that make your trip to the beach more comfortable. Our comfy socks are perfect for when the sun goes down, and the cool ocean breeze comes in off the ocean. 

We also have mugs and candles to help keep your evening enjoyable as you curl up with hot chocolate while you listen to the waves crashing at the end of the day.

Visit Our Mystic Shop for Coastal Apparel and Accessories

The iconic coastal culture of Mystic, Connecticut, inspires our apparel at Just Mystic. Like this historic town, our style captures the essence of a close-knit seaside community with a rich heritage of sailing and shipbuilding. We have accessories that locals and visitors of the coast can enjoy. 

We create authentic coastal products while also doing our part to preserve the coast we love so much. We contribute 1% of our annual sales to GreenWave through our commitment to the planet. 

By Robert Nelson

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