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The Best New Mystic Coffee Shop is a Coffee Bar in an Apparel Shop

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The Best New Mystic Coffee Shop is a Coffee Bar in an Apparel Shop


The Best New Mystic Coffee Shop is a Coffee Bar in an Apparel Shop


Time for a brand extension update…

Many of the fashion and apparel brands we admire have extended their offerings by creating food and drink experiences. The variety of offerings includes some that are as simple as a barista behind a bar, while others are full-service cafes. Two examples are Aime Leon Dore’s cafes and Kith’s ice cream shops aka Kith Treats.

Just Mystic is venturing in a similar direction. For reasons that are both pragmatic and exploratory, "Just Coffee", our new sub-brand under Just Mystic, feels like the right brand extension.

We’re starting simple, then moving to more complex offerings. And as we've learned over the last six months, just offering a basic coffee service isn’t that simple. We've worked with multiple local government bodies to ensure we’re fully certified and licensed. We've also learned the art of high-quality coffee production and preparation.

Our simple, initial offering includes locally roasted premium coffee from Craftsman Cliff Roasters (both regular and decaf medium roasts), premium tea sachets from Smith Teamakers, and chocolates handmade in New England by Seacoast Sweets.

Come visit a new Mystic coffee shop where you can experience local brews and flavors, as you browse our Mystic apparel for the perfect souvenir, or to simply represent your favorite charming city. 

Visit us at 4 East Main Street to see our new coffee bar, Just Coffee, and follow us on Instagram @justmysticshop to keep up with the action.

By Robert Nelson
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  • whitemist23

    I as of late visited the new café settled inside the clothing shop in Spiritualist, and I should say, it’s a really exceptional diamond! The combination of a café with an in vogue clothing store makes an enticing and hip climate

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