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Beach Chic: How To Dress for Your Next Coastal Vacation

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Beach Chic: How To Dress for Your Next Coastal Vacation


Beach Chic: How To Dress for Your Next Coastal Vacation


If you're planning a trip to the beach, you'll want to make sure you're dressed appropriately for the occasion. Whether you're lounging on the sand, exploring a local mystic shop, or enjoying a seaside dinner, there are plenty of ways to dress in style and comfort for your next coastal vacation. Just Mystic designs coastal clothing with simplicity and sophistication in mind.

Here are some tips for achieving a beach-chic look with items from our collection:

Embrace Light, Airy Fabrics

Coastal areas are often breezy, meaning you'll probably want to wear layers. Choose clothing made from breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon. These materials will keep you cool and comfortable in the heat and humidity of the beach. You can also adjust your layers for warmer or cooler days, such as wearing a sweatshirt over your bathing suit.

Choose Neutral, Coastal Colors

Traditional beachwear is often bright and colorful, featuring neons and jewel tones. While these can be fun, summery colors, they're also prone to clashing or appearing cheap. You can elevate your beachwear look with neutral, coastal colors. Our collection is inspired by the chic palette of nature's stunning shores, with cool blues and earthy tones that reflect natural beauty.

Bring a Versatile Swimsuit

Beach-chic clothes are all about versatility. As you alternate between swimming, lounging, shopping, and dining, it can be nice to have an easily adjustable outfit. Choose a swimsuit that can double as a top or a bodysuit. Pair it with shorts, a skirt, or high-waisted pants for a beach-to-bar look. Add a hoodie, shirt, or coverup for cooler days so you can stay comfortable near the water. 

Accessorize With Natural Materials

One of the easiest ways to personalize an otherwise simple outfit is to add accessories. From bracelets to beach bags, Just Mystic carries simple yet elegant accessories to elevate your look. Add some bohemian flair to your beach look with items made from natural materials like woven straw, wood, and shells. You can also add cotton socks or a sunhat for extra comfort and protection.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You'll likely be doing a lot of walking on and around the beach, so wear comfortable shoes. Sandals, espadrilles, and sneakers are all great options. Open-toed shoes allow your feet to dry off more quickly if you're going from the beach to a mystic shop or cafe. Close-toed shoes are great for evening beachside campfires or exploring rocky areas along the coast. Choose shoes with simple, solid color blocking to integrate your footwear into your outfit as a whole.

Beach Chic at Our Mystic Shop

With these tips, you'll be ready to hit the beach in style and comfort. Our Just Mystic shop carries everything from sweatshirts and T-shirts to shorts and swimsuits, all in our high-quality materials and chic coastal colors. Locals and visitors alike are sure to find comfortable, stylish pieces they'll love. Add mystic accessories and artwork, and you've got the complete beach-chic look. You can also browse through our online collection for more ideas and options. Enjoy wearing Just Mystic on your next coastal trip!

By Robert Nelson

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