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Zero Waste Crewnecks: The Future of Fashion?

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Zero Waste Crewnecks: The Future of Fashion?


Zero Waste Crewnecks: The Future of Fashion?

When we say “classic and good,” we mean it. Made in collaboration with DECODE, a Brooklyn-based zero waste design and apparel hub, this extra-cushy crewneck will be the one you pull from your closet again and again — and Mother Earth will thank you for it.

It’s ‘classic’ in that it’s collegiate and crew-y, and ‘good’ in that 100% of materials involved in production are used, AKA zero waste. That’s right — not a single piece of fabric is disposed of during the production process. Once you see and touch the navy blue crest woven against the heathered gray of your fav new sweatshirt, you’ll be glad none of the fabric went to waste.

With the increasing popularity of fast fashion, an unsustainable industry practice wreaking havoc on the environment, Just Mystic is proud to partner with DECODE on this design. As a pioneer in the zero-waste design model, DECODE aims to illustrate that sustainable design practices are viable on a large scale. The concept involves innovative techniques aimed at using entire lengths and widths of fabric rolls, and meticulous planning to ensure no fabric is left unused.

We don’t want more waste. We don’t want more short-lived, non-comfy, awkwardly-fitting sweatshirts that end up in donation boxes and landfills. We want comfort. We want quality. We want classic and good.

If this boxy, oversized, unisex crewneck is any indication of the future of fashion, we want more.

Shop the “Just Mystic x DECODE Zero Waste Crest Crewneck” here

By Robert Nelson

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