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Summer Shoes: The Best Footwear for Coastal Living

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Summer Shoes: The Best Footwear for Coastal Living


Summer Shoes: The Best Footwear for Coastal Living


When you're planning your outfit for spending the day at home or out on the coast, don't forget about your footwear. Paired with a soft T-shirt and shorts, the right footwear can help you walk the boardwalk for a fun summer day. You can combine comfort and style while matching your shoes with our Just Mystic clothing and accessories.


Sandals are a stylish and comfortable choice for summer wear. The key is to pick the right type of sandal for your outfit. Consider slides, flip-flops, or sports sandals for casual days out on the beach or running errands. Pair them with one of our crewneck sweatshirts or a hoodie to enhance your casual vibe, especially if it might get cool before the day ends. Put on a pair of strappy sandals with low or no heels for a night out on the town or a beach party. Sandals with a little extra shine or glitter pair well with a sundress and one of our woven sailor bracelets.


Crocs were once considered mainly for boating or other water activities, but now you can wear them just about anywhere with a laid-back dress code. They have gained popularity in recent years for their comfortable, casual look. On a warm day, hang out at the beach or local park in your favorite Crocs and Just Mystic clothing. Pair your shoes with our pickleball T-shirt or cropped tee for a relaxed feel. Add a bucket hat to complete the understated look or to cover hair that didn't want to cooperate. You can find Crocs in various colors to match or contrast your outfit, showing your unique personality. 

Tennis Shoes

A pair of tennis shoes can be a cute and practical addition to your coastal look. These shoes offer comfort as you run errands or take a walk at the local park. They're perfect for summer coastal living if you want to stroll around the marina or walk downtown to get pizza. You can choose basic white to go with all your summer outfits or select a color that adds flare to your wardrobe.

Our shirts and bottoms pair perfectly with tennis shoes. Choose one of our Mystic T-shirts and sweat shorts for your sporty outfit. If the weather's a little chilly, our Mystic sweatpants can help keep you warm. Slip on our smiley dad-style hat to complete your look. Don't forget to grab one of our long-sleeved crewnecks or sweaters to fight the breeze while walking on the beach. You'll find a variety of shirt colors, including pink, lavender, black, and red, to go with your tennis shoes. 

Pair Just Mystic Clothing With Your Summer Footwear

No matter what shoes you choose for summer, you can find the right casual outfit to go with them at Just Mystic. We offer a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories to complement your wardrobe and enhance your relaxed lifestyle. All our clothing is inspired by coastal living and supports our goals for building a cleaner planet. Check out our products and find an outfit that represents your personality and style today. 

By Robert Nelson

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