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Minting Mystic's next icon in the phygital world

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Minting Mystic's next icon in the phygital world


Minting Mystic's next icon in the phygital world


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Mystic has many icons. The most famous is Mystic Pizza. It’s the home of “a slice of heaven” and, more famously, the setting for the eponymous movie that was released in 1988, starring Julia Roberts and a host of other names of big time fame, such as a young Matt Damon, who played a minor role. The movie became a cult classic, driving huge business for restaurant sales, including its vintage merch. (Naturally, we want to drop a collab with Mystic Pizza 👋 )

Other icons include Mystic Seaport, a history museum that tells the rise and fall of whaling, sailing, and shipbuilding in New England. The grounds are a living museum, with docents dressed in period garments, complementing illustrative shops that once buttressed the aforementioned industries from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries. 

Then there’s the Mystic drawbridge, technically called the Mystic River Bascule Bridge, operating since 1922. In the summer, tourists watch in fascination while residents grumble, as the bridge shuts down vehicle traffic, opening and closing 40 minutes after the hour, nearly every hour. A bigger draw might be, however, Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. First opening in the 1800s (under a different name), it’s delicious year round, even during the chilly winter months. And another favorite close to the drawbridge is the Army Navy Store

Finally, there are iconic clothing designs, such as the arcing, block-lettered university shirts that Just Mystic is designing and tailoring for the Mystic market. (Read more about this design in our post: An iconic design gets a fresh drop.) There’s also the black dog of The Black Dog (it’s the only Black Dog store in Connecticut).  

Now there’s a new icon on the rise: Just Mystic. 

There’s no clear formula of what makes an icon an icon, such as a minimum duration of existence or a magic number of adorers. Indeed, it may be the sheer duration of existence, or perhaps the familiarity across a broad population. And across the broad population, it may not even be adored, but rather loathed, and yet can still be an icon. So, while there is no clear way to chart a path to iconic status, that’s the aspiration. Make our name and the seagull of our brand as recognizable as other icons that originated in Mystic. Of course, we’re not stopping there. We’re not limiting ourselves to the physical world.

In the digital world, we’ve minted Just Mystic’s seagull, our future icon, as an NFT. For those unfamiliar, an NFT is a non-fungible token. Most commonly NFTs are digital images or videos. They are connected to a blockchain, which is a digital ledger that records transactions and ownership. It’s decentralized and public. Some would say, a better way for the world to operate. NFTs can be created, bought, and sold on digital marketplaces, such as Opensea, the biggest, most active marketplace globally for NFTs. You can find Just Mystic’s seagull in our first collection, the Just Mystic Launch Collection #06355, on Opensea and add any of our tokens to your digital wallet. If you need help creating accounts for digital marketplaces like Opensea and wallets like MetaMask, watch this short video. It’s easier than you think to get started. Also, watch for future promotions with our tokens. We’ll be running campaigns that grant early token holders access to limited-edition product. 

There are many icons in Mystic. Some are just old. Others are beloved. Many are both. But there are none that span physical and digital spaces like Just Mystic. Thus, our path to iconic status may be through the phygital world.


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By Robert Nelson

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