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A fall travel guide for your Mystic sweatshirt

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A fall travel guide for your Mystic sweatshirt


A fall travel guide for your Mystic sweatshirt


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So you just bought a Mystic sweatshirt that's been trending hard (see our blog post about the design). 

Now where will you go in your fall-ready apparel? 

Lucky for you, we have five places to get you started. And we think life is best experienced outside, so all of these places have a major outdoor component. Let’s jump in!


1. Mystic Seaport Museum

The Mystic Seaport Museum is one of Mystic, Connecticut’s biggest draws, if not one of the biggest for the state. It’s a museum that tells the story of whaling, sailing, and shipbuilding, industries that once drove commerce in New England and across the world. Many exhibits are outside, floating on the water. For instance, Charles W. Morgan is an American whaling ship that was built in 1841, and today, it’s the only remaining wooden whaling ship in the world. Mystic Seaport is great for all ages. They also have their own merch shop. (You can read more about this icon and others in another blog post, Minting Mystic's next icon in the phygital world.)

To learn more, visit and follow @mysticseaportmuseum.


2. Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And with non-dairy vegan flavors, Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream can satisfy nearly anyone’s sweet tooth. As their name implies, it sits on the edge of the famous drawbridge, where visitors have sweeping views of Mystic Seaport, Captain’s Row on Gravel Street, and countless masts. So, while you can sit inside, their ice cream is best enjoyed outside on the bridge or any of the welcoming benches on the public dock next to Mystical Toys

To learn more, visit and follow @mysticdrawbridgeicecream.


3. Abbott’s Lobster

Abbott’s Lobster is a must-stop whenever we have visitors in town. Their famous hot lobster roll, sometimes known colloquially as the lobster bomb, with a quarter pound of lobster meat piled on a toasted bun repeatedly earns “best of” awards. Their original location in quaint Noank closes in the fall, but Abbott’s opened a new location, Abbott’s Outpost in downtown Mystic, near Sift Bake Shop

To learn more, visit Abbott’ and follow @abbottsoutpost.


4. Mystic Museum of Art

The Mystic Museum of Art (MMOA) is a cultural hub of Mystic, Connecticut. The art institution brings together the community, while celebrating creative expression in permanent collections and rotating exhibitions. This fall, MMOA is hosting a solo exhibition by award-winning National Geographic photographer Michael Melford, which is sponsored by the National Gallery of Fine Art. In addition to all that you’ll find indoors, your senses will be stimulated by a walk on the grounds outside MMOA. Immaculate gardens line a river walk with benches to observe Mystic River, perhaps while eating a lobster roll from Abbott’s or a sweet confection from Sift. 

To learn more, visit and follow @mysticmuseumofart.

5. J&R Seafood Market

Okay, a seafood market? What? Sure, maybe an unconventional pick, especially for an outdoor adventure, but we love J&R’s daily selection of fresh, local catches, and we suggest taking something from their case to your grill. Grilled shrimp? Atlantic salmon? Yes, please. You can also host your own clam bake! You can visit J&R Seafood Market at their Mystic and Stonington locations. 

To learn more, visit and follow @jrseafoodmarket.

Alright, get out there and explore Mystic in fall! We’ll have recommendations for winter weather coming soon, too, as well as an updated selection of Mystic hoodies and coastal apparel


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