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Apparel and more great gift ideas from Mystic, Connecticut for (almost) all humans!

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Apparel and more great gift ideas from Mystic, Connecticut for (almost) all humans!


Apparel and more great gift ideas from Mystic, Connecticut for (almost) all humans!


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The perennial question of the holiday season: What should I get for those special people in my life? 

That question is easy to answer this year for all of us at Just Mystic, because, naturally, we’ll be gifting a lot of Just Mystic hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees. :)

But we know the answer is more nuanced, and there are many other great gifts to complement our iconic apparel. Here’s a brief gift guide, organized by some of the likely loves in your life. 


For her (wife / girlfriend / sister)

A lot of the women we know are really loving crewneck sweatshirts with bold, block lettering, and our Just Mystic crewnecks hit the mark. They’re especially comfy and trending in an oversized look, so we recommend sizing up one for a little extra room and comfort on cozy Sundays and errands around town. 

She’ll also love just about anything from Rochelles, an upscale boutique with locations in Mystic, CT, Newport, RI, Edgartown, MA, and Watch Hill, RI. Rochelle’s has also put together a great holiday gift guide, so we recommend looking there for ideas. You can also shop online.

And we’d be remiss not to suggest something from Mystic’s Main Street Soap Emporium. Check out their selection of body lotions and scrubs. You can even shop by scent!

Finally, you must visit Adore. They have clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories and more, all of which have a very polished aesthetic. Hard to miss with Adore in-store or online. 


For him (husband / boyfriend / brother)

All the guys around us, from tweens to grandpas (seriously), are all about hoodies. Just Mystic’s hoodies are heavyweight fleeces, perfect for cutting the chill of winter winds, as well as cool summer nights. They’re great for daily wear to school, working in the yard or on the boat, and hanging at home. They’ll also like one of our tees for warmer days. 

Aside from Just Mystic, you’ll find a very guy-centric experience in Trove. In fact, Trove is a bit like the Rochelles for men but with more hard goods, like wallets, grooming products (e.g., hand-made combs, which is a personal favorite), and gadgets. 

We also know that a lot of guys get excited about the thought of relaxing in their man cave while sipping on bourbon or scotch with deep notes of clove and cinnamon and maybe some black peppercorn. For this experience, you’ll need to head to Spencer & Lynn Wine & Spirit Merchants. They have three locations, including one in downtown Mystic near Trove. 


For a teen girl

A lot of women like our bold, block-lettered crewnecks, and teen girls LOVE them. They love wearing them big, so going a size up (at least) is key to landing the right fit. They also love our crop top hoodies, which are slightly more versatile than our crewnecks. An oversized tee looks really cute, too. 

You can find more gift ideas from, you guessed it, Rochelles. Refer back to their holiday gift guide for ideas. We lost count of the teen girls who stopped at our pop-up shop with a Rochelles bag in hand. 

Additionally, they'll appreciate some girls' time over food, so give them a digital gift card to The Mariner. They'll feel like they're on their way up. 


For a teen boy

Girls love crewnecks and boys love hoodies. That "fact" is as old as time.

Our Just Mystic hoodies are especially versatile for boys, as you’ll see them rocking our hoodies at home, to school and practice, and if moms didn’t intervene, they’d wear them to prom. 

Teen boys also eat. A lot. To satisfy their insatiable appetites and their enviable metabolisms, give them the gift of ice cream with a gift card to Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream


For that 20/30-something

This group of humans is busy. Really, really busy. They’re trying to make their mark in the world, while also seeking to stay on top of seemingly every social and cultural event imaginable. Send them a crewneck or a hoodie, and they’ll just be thankful it’s one fewer thing for them to buy so that they can get on with burning the candle at both ends. 

Also, remember, they’re busy. So they’d really appreciate you making their lunch and dinner options easy. For that, send them gift cards to Mystic Market. Mystic Market has four locations, including two in Mystic. You can grab a gift card to any of their locations (for Mystic Market East, click here). AND, for every $100 gift card you purchase, Mystic Market will give you a free $10 gift card. Give and you shall receive!


For mom and dad

We’ve covered a few of the options for mom and dad in our for her and for him sections above, but there’s another idea that we really like, which, again, comes from our friends at Spencer & Lynn. Check out Spencer & Lynn’s Wine Club. You can choose between a couple of options. Mom and dad will love either. They’ll also love feeling a little more sophisticated as they become indoctrinated in viticulture. 

And what goes well with wine? Cheese and charcuterie boards from Block & Bottle. Between Spencer & Lynn and Block & Bottle, your parents will be on their way to hosting the most elevated gatherings in town. 

Finally, to fully supercharge their cultural advancement, take your parents to the Mystic Museum of Art's Holiday Market, where you can support local artists and artisans. You'll find hand carved wooden spoons, bowls and cheese boards, candles, jewelry, sailor bracelets, paper trees, stoneware pottery, notecards, fiber items, natural soaps/balms, stained glass, hats, silk scarves, ornaments, fine art and more. See more details on Instagram.


For grandma and grandpa

Grandma and grandpa want to get out of the house. Send them on their way in fresh street style. They won’t know what that means, but they’ll look great. Grandpa will love a black hoodie, and grandma will love a grey hoodie or really any crewneck. Honestly, they’ll appreciate anything from you, and they’ll really appreciate being able to rep their home town. 

Also, because they want to get outside, how about giving them the gift of a curated event from Spencer & Lynn’s? They host a number of different events around Mystic, and they can even bring all of the kids and grandkids. That’s a grandparents’ grand slam. 

Lastly, you know they've got time to read, so give them the gift of books! Even better, give them a gift card to Bank Square Books so that they can pick out their own books. 


If we missed someone or something, please leave us a comment below or on Instagram @justmysticshop.

We hope that you shop local, and we hope that you have your best holiday season yet. 

Happy holidays from Just Mystic!



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