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Represent Your Town with Mystic Shop Gear

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Represent Your Town with Mystic Shop Gear


Represent Your Town with Mystic Shop Gear


For many of us on the coast, local pride runs deep, much like the waterways that built our history and sustain us still today. At the Just Mystic shop, we design clothing and accessories to help you wear that pride on your sleeve. Inspired by the legacy of sailors and shipbuilders, our designs speak to the history and flavor of coastal life. 

Who We Are

Just Mystic is the collective effort of a brother-sister design duo. Our goal is to design iconic coastal apparel that recalls the atmosphere of life in coastal towns. Our flagship store is located in Mystic, Connecticut, but we also run pop-up stores at other locations around the area.

We are keenly aware that the idyllic coastal life we love so much depends on the health of the oceans and the planet. We've made it our mission to be part of the solution. To that end, we donate 1% of our annual sales to GreenWave. 

What You'll Find in the Mystic Shop 

We design a variety of clothing items and accessories to help you represent the heritage and history of your town. We focus on simple designs and bold colors, reminiscent of fisherman sweaters and old-school practicality.

Our varsity-style lettering has a long history in its own right. Originally inspired by the Old English "H" that Harvard baseball players sewed onto their sweaters, the style evolved into the block lettering we see today on college and university apparel. The simple, bold lettering has become synonymous with prestige and pride of place. It seemed like a natural step for us to apply that element to our designs. 

While we can't possibly cover all of our products in this post, here is an overview of what you'll find in our shop.

Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Tees

Our hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees are the backbone of our shop. They all feature our signature varsity-style lettering on Champion brand pieces. Our hoodies come in black, ash white, gray, and navy blue. We carry traditional hoodies with front pockets as well as cropped designs for women. Our sweatshirts come in all of those colors, with the addition of red and blush pink for sweatshirts and white and light blue for tees. 


We have a couple of specific collections for our sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees. The Neighborhood collection features hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees with "GLP," "Stonington," "Noank," or "Borough" on the front. Each design features a couple of color choices.

Our Mystic Bridge 100th Anniversary collection includes a special tee that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Mystic River Bascule Bridge. The collection also features a set of leather coasters with the celebration design. 

The Noank G Dock Tee is a unique item among our designs. This tee was commissioned by a Noank local. Featuring a dock design on the back and a varsity-style "G Dock" on the front, the shirt is a tribute to G Dock boaters at Spicer's Marina in Noank. 

Finally, our Coastie collection includes sweatshirts and hoodies in black, gray, red, or navy blue, with the word "Coastie" embroidered on the front. While we may not have specific designs for every coastal town yet, this collection is a great choice for anyone who wants to show their coastal pride. 

Hats and Bags

Aside from hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees, we also design hats and bags. Our hats are baseball caps, sometimes known in the industry as "dad hats", with "Mystic" above the bill in our signature lettering. They range in color from pastel pink to black, and they make a great accessory for those sunny New England summer days. 

Our bags are large canvas totes in an off-white and navy blue color scheme. They feature brass hardware and an internal zipper pocket for small items. They are perfect for a day on the water or at the beach, or for a trip to the market. 

Other Accessories

We also carry a few other accessories in the Mystic shop. These include a beautiful rope knotwork bracelet, a nod to sailing knotwork. You can also find a leather "Mystic" keychain with a gold clasp. We offer stickers in multiple "Mystic" designs, perfect for decorating your laptop or your car's bumper. Finally, you can purchase a large block letter "Mystic" poster for home decor. The navy blue and white design fits seamlessly in any coastal living room. 

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

While we already carry a wide variety of designs to represent coastal pride, we are just getting started. We continue to thoughtfully build our brand with you in mind. With designs for all seasons and representing a growing list of local gems, Just Mystic is a brand with love for the past and eyes on the future.  

When you wear one of our designs, you're wearing the proud history of coastal life. Through our simple, bold colors and classic lettering, we strive to create pieces that call us back to the sea and back to our roots.

By Robert Nelson

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