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Just Mystic on our mind

The Just Mystic Journal

Just Mystic on our mind

Just Mystic on our mind


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Mystic was among the first places beyond my hometown that I discovered unchaperoned in my adolescence. Maybe it was the name, the eclectic shops downtown, or the ambient coastal spirit of a place rooted in sailing and shipbuilding, but I was drawn to Mystic. It’s where I went with other high school adolescents for my first palm reading on what felt like a bold, mischievous adventure. It’s also where my high school sweetheart and I ran away to, seemingly every weekend, thinking we were far from home, on our own, pausing time as we dipped in and out shops, ate ice cream on the docks, and dreamed about sailing aboard the nearby yachts.  

This magnetism and, yes, mystique was 20 years ago, before Mystic’s recent renaissance, becoming what it is now. 

Today, Mystic is an increasingly bustling town, still featuring one-of-a-kind shops and coastal experiences, but also hosting award-winning chefs and their culinary creations, as well as wineries, breweries, festivals, and superyachts, while being placed on top 10 travel lists with comparisons to the Hamptons. And with our parents moving to Mystic several years ago, to Water Street no less, my sister and I have had a literal front row seat to watch this growth and evolution. 

Being entrepreneurial minded, our observations have routinely piqued our senses. We’ve sensed that Mystic is a place on the up, a place people want to escape to, and a place in which we want to create new value. Opportunities abound to not only create value but also capture the spirit that people seek in their escapes here. It’s the same coastal spirit that drew me in as an adolescent. This spirit, shaped by industries of yesterday, sailing and shipbuilding, lives on in the industries of today, with people still seeking the timeless feelings of freedom, adventure, and renewal. 

This is a spirit that’s eternally greater than any single business, but my sister and I are launching one vessel to carry it. That vessel is Just Mystic, an apparel brand that's designing iconic essentials for everyday streetwear. 

Just Mystic launched October 9th, online at and in-person at our pop-up in downtown Mystic.

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    By Robert Nelson
    • astrologerdevanand

      Your exploration of mysticism will delve into the mysterious realm of the spirit, revealing the mystic’s deep connection to the universe. The ideas shared arouse curiosity and invite people to undertake a spiritual journey, seeking a deeper understanding of existence. Presented clearly and inspiringly, it left me pondering the mysterious wonders of our consciousness.

    • Andrea Mallon

      This is so exciting! Congratulations 🎈

    • Andrea Mallon

      This is so exciting! Congratulations 🎈

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