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Looking for a Local Mystic Shop? Check Out Just Mystic for Community Accessoriess

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Looking for a Local Mystic Shop? Check Out Just Mystic for Community Accessoriess


Looking for a Local Mystic Shop? Check Out Just Mystic for Community Accessoriess


Just Mystic is the store to visit when looking for a local mystic shop. We provide a wide range of Mystic, Connecticut, apparel and accessories, including hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, crop tops, hats, socks, and crewnecks. Our accessories collection also features many items.

Just Mystic Local Community Accessories

Just Mystic has an extensive collection of local community accessories for adults, youth, and kids. You can order socks, mugs, bags, candles, stickers, keychains, magnets, bracelets, and more. Our accessories feature quality Mystic logos. You can also review sizing guides, care instructions, and refund policies for each item. Some accessories are sold in installments, so you don't have to pay the full price in one lump sum. Here are our local community accessories:

1.      Campfire Mugs

If you’re looking for quality campfire mugs with the Mystic logo, Just Mystic has the best choice. Our community campfire mugs reflect the traditional camping practice and offer bold Mystic logos with crisp colors and a cozy feel. The cups aren't only for camping. Sailors and other outdoor enthusiasts can use them to hold hot drinks, beverages, and even soup. 

2.      Keychains & Bracelets

If you love sailing or spending time outdoors, Mystic keychains and bracelets can help you keep your keys safe. We have high-quality leather keychains sourced and manufactured locally in Connecticut. Our keychains feature 100% leather and a 22k gold-plated ring and clasp. Just Mystic also offers iconic sailor bracelets and coastal signature pieces woven by hand using cotton ropes.

3.      Grommet Bags

Just Mystic has embroidered canvas grommet bags ideal for boat rides and beach trips. Our bags have enough space to carry picnic wines, cheese, charcuteries, or other goods. The bags feature canvas fabrics, hook-clasp closure, cotton-webbed handles, and a removable internal pouch. Brass grommet accessories complete the design. Our grommet bags have a simple, practical design and offer quality and durability.

4.      Mystic Candles

Our wax candles are perfect for camping and other outdoor trips. The candles are ideal for adding ambiance to your outdoor setting. You can also use them indoors to light up a dark room. We have options for fall and summer, so you can order the best candle for the season. 

5.      Mystic Socks

If you’re interested in a pair of sailing socks, Just Mystic is at your service. We recommend you machine-wash them in cold water and air-dry them. Follow the care and content label to protect the fibers and shape of the socks. Whether on a sailing trip or curled up in your home, these smart socks are sure to keep your feet comfy.

6.      Stickers & Magnets

Just Mystic stickers come in different shapes and designs, including square, circle, oval, rectangle, and text-based. You can also order different colors. These iconic stickers are ideal for your cars, laptops, skateboards, water bottles, and anywhere else you wish to use them. We also have quality Mystic magnets you can stick on your fridge or other places to represent the cultures and communities of Connecticut.

Other Collections in Our Local Mystic Shop

Just Mystic is a Mystic collection shop that has been decades in the making. Our collection features apparel and accessories representing local communities and sailing and shipbuilding legacies. We have an extensive collection of hoodies, crewnecks, long-sleeve t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters, women's cropped hoodies, and pom beanies. Our apparel features a bold Mystic logo and comes in unique colors.

You can find white, blue, black, maroon, yellow, red, blush, pink, grey, and gold. Our tees feature 100% ring-spun cotton with a smooth feel and midweight fit. Our apparel is designed to be structured and come in different sizes. You can review the sizing guide and care instructions to find the ideal fit. The knit beanies come in one size that fits most people and some feature a pom on top. Our complete collection falls into the following categories:

  • Apparel: Tees, hoodies, sweatpants, sweaters, cropped hoodies, crewnecks, and socks
  • Headwear: Knit beanies, pom beanies, corduroy dad hats, rope hats, and snapback hats
  • Art: Unframed print posters, stickers, framed print posters, and bridge posters
  • Accessories: Grommet bags, stickers, magnets, keychains, bracelets, candles, and mugs

Why Choose Just Mystic?

Finding Mystic-themed clothes and accessories shouldn’t be a problem in Connecticut. You can order local Mystic community items online. Our Mystic shop has an extensive collection of everyday items you can wear all year round. The clothes also feature premium quality materials and knitting/sewing. You can also pay for purchases over $50 in four small installments.

At Just Mystic, we design, market, and distribute sportswear apparel and accessories that represent the spirit of sailing intrinsic to the Mystic culture. Our mystic collections reflect Connecticut's local communities and cultures but work for anyone interested in the legacies of shipbuilding. You can browse our collection to find quality tees, sweatpants, hoodies, crewnecks, and more.

By Robert Nelson

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