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Just Mystic's First Podcast Appearance, Discussing Our New Mystic Store in Downtown Mystic

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Just Mystic's First Podcast Appearance, Discussing Our New Mystic Store in Downtown Mystic


Just Mystic's First Podcast Appearance, Discussing Our New Mystic Store in Downtown Mystic


Just Mystic founders, Robert Nelson and Amanda Cummings, recently had the pleasure of appearing on the Design or DIY podcast, hosted by designer and entrepreneur, Collette Morton. This was our first ever podcast appearance and we were thrilled to be able to discuss our Mystic shop, Mystic apparel, such clothing and headwear, design principles, the Mystic drawbridge, starting a new business, entrepreneurship, and so much more.

We began the podcast by talking about the inspiration behind Just Mystic brand. Our brand was created out of a desire to provide simple, clean and classic sportswear for people who share our passion for Mystic's culture and history. We wanted to create a line of apparel that would allow people to express their love for Mystic art, culture, and history in a fashionable and accessible way.

We then discussed the types of products we offer at Just Mystic Apparel, including our signature line of Mystic headwear, which features a variety of designs and art associated with Mystic culture. We also discussed the importance of design in our brand. At Just Mystic Apparel, we believe that design is the cornerstone of any successful clothing brand. Our team of designers works tirelessly to create beautiful and meaningful designs that resonate with our customers. From the intricate details of our Mystic graphic art to the bold and vibrant colors of our clothing, every aspect of our design is carefully crafted to capture the essence of Mystic's culture.

One of the highlights of our conversation was discussing the Mystic drawbridge. This historic landmark has been a source of inspiration for our brand, and we were excited to share its significance with the Design or DIY audience. The Mystic drawbridge is a beautiful and iconic structure that has been a part of the Mystic landscape for over 100 years. Its unique design and historical significance make it a perfect representation of the Mystic culture we seek to embody in our brand.

As entrepreneurs, we also discussed the challenges of starting a new business in a competitive marketplace. Building a successful clothing brand takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. We shared our experiences of starting Just Mystic Apparel and the lessons we have learned along the way. We emphasized the importance of staying true to your vision and being open to feedback and criticism from customers and industry professionals alike.

Finally, we talked about the importance of entrepreneurship in our lives. As entrepreneurs, we are passionate about creating something that is meaningful and impactful. We believe that entrepreneurship is about more than just making money; it is about making a difference in the world and leaving a positive legacy. We shared our hopes and dreams for Just Mystic Apparel and our desire to create a brand that inspires people.

Overall, our appearance on the Design or DIY podcast was an incredible experience for our team at Just Mystic Apparel. We were thrilled to be able to share our passion for Mystic culture and spirituality with a wider audience, and we hope that our conversation inspired others to explore this rich and fascinating culture for themselves.

As we continue to grow and expand our brand, we remain committed to the principles of design, quality, and authenticity that have guided us from the beginning. We believe that Just Mystic Apparel has the potential to become a leading brand in the sportswear industry, and we are excited to continue our journey as entrepreneurs and ambassadors for the culture we represent.

Thank you to Collette Morton and the Design or DIY team for this fun opportunity. We look forward to continuing to spread love for Just Mystic in the years to come.

By Robert Nelson

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